Knative: Operator’s Handbook

Listing Knative API types

To list the API types (or “Custom Resource Definitions”, from Kubernetes’ perspective) registered to your cluster by installing Knative, run:

$ kubectl api-resources | grep knative

NAME                SHORTNAMES      APIGROUP                           NAMESPACED   KIND
metrics                      true         Metric
podautoscalers      kpa,pa   true         PodAutoscaler
images              img          true         Image
certificates        kcert     true         Certificate
clusteringresses              false        ClusterIngress
ingresses           ing       true         Ingress
serverlessservices  sks       true         ServerlessService
configurations      config,cfg                true         Configuration
revisions           rev                   true         Revision
routes              rt                    true         Route
services            kservice,ksvc                true         Service

You'll realize most of these types are internal and not meant for you to deploy directly. As described here, it's recommended you use Knative Service type directly.