Knative: Operator’s Handbook

Alternative ingress controllers

You might have reasons 1 to not to adopt Istio right away.

Knative offers pluggability, so you can install other gateways instead, or in addition to the default:

  1. Ambassador: An API gateway/edge proxy for microservices running on Kubernetes, built with Envoy. It has Knative serving integration.

  2. Gloo by Solo: An API gateway for microservices built on Envoy. It has Knative Serving integration.

  3. Kourier: An experimental (in development phase) Kubernetes controller that is specifically built as a Knative load balancer, using Envoy.

  1. Istio installs over 50 Kubernetes API types to your cluster, and runs many pods in the background. It supports a lot of traffic policy features that you might not need. ↩︎